Passion Fruit



The maracuyá, parcha, parchita,  passion fruit or burucuyá (Passiflora edulis) is one of the fruits produced and packaged by the company Belarminio Ramirez e Hijos. With own farms, located in the mountains of Jarabacoa productive.
Passion fruit is commonly used in drinks, being rich in nutrients and vitamins.

Nutritional aspects:

It has enough citric acid and moderate amounts of vitamin C. It is rich in nicotinamide, a vitamin B group vitamins
Nutritional value: 75 Kcal, Vitamin B12 700 IU vitamin A, vitamin C 20 mg and 1.5 mg per 100g serving.
Trivia: The name of passion fruit is due to its flower, called Passion Flower: missionaries believed discover symbols of Christ’s Passion in their stamens, style and chalice.