Quality Control

Our company has a system of control and quality assurance with a highly qualified staff, which covers all stages of coffee, from harvesting to package the coffee either green or roasted, for guarantee 100% the quality of our coffee.

Before start harvesting the coffee, we verify the farms to make sure that the beans are in their right time to get ripped.

After the harvesting process, we realize the following control:

1. We do the quality verification of Coffee cherry (green beans, brocades, etc.). Also we check the weight of harvested coffee.


2. In the Drying Process we control the % of Humidity it will be from 10 to 12%.

3. Physical Analysis (homogeneity, defect, size and color).

4. Sensory analysis (cupping), here we made the coffee cupping to determine the type of aroma and taste of coffee.  Roasted Area.

Ramirez 7

5. Measure the coffee color with a Quantity Colorimeter.

Ramirez 8

6. Size of coffee ground.

Ramirez 9

7. With the packing machine, we monitor the sealing, the centralization of design and the weight of coffee.

To guarantee all these controls we have created process under the international  ISO system, the Specialty the Coffee Association of America (SCCA) and the standards by Dominican Coffee  Council (Codocafe) which allow us to ensure 100% quality of our coffee.