More harmony with the environment, healthier coffee and you benefit

The Belarminio Ramirez E Hijos SA practice respect for others and for the environment, since the beginning of the production process in the plantations.

In the coffee plantations continuous improvement is encouraged, using healthy techniques of environmental sustainability, which among others include:

Planting trees to provide shade for coffee plantations. This management makes quality coffee beans is increased and simultaneously protects the soil, counteracting erosion.
Creation and protection of forests, populated areas with woody plants, thereby protecting the waters, while wood is produced.


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Biological treatment plant

Ramirez Coffee attaches great importance to the conservation of the environment, has therefore invested in the construction of two digesters of 100 m3 each.

Biodigesters are biological treatment plants where the wastewater (sewage) that occur in wet processing (process of preparation of coffee before I pilarlo) are deposited; these waters are unpolluted by the actions of millions of anaerobic bacteria, reducing pollution by more than 90%, thanks to that process.

As a result of the above phenomenon methane gas is generated, this is used by the company as a fuel to produce electricity and heat source in the process of making coffee.

In the past, the wastewater treatment resulted in a huge cost to the company, in addition to negatively impact the environment. Today it has become a very positive achievement for Ramirez Coffee, because in addition to reducing the dependence on diesel by 40% and almost completely clean wastewater, the company contributes to a healthier environment.