Green Coffee

Green  Coffee

Finca Los Marranitos 2

We are located in the central mountains, with the highest coffee plantations in the Caribbean which combines the ideal conditions of climate, soil and agricultural practices that result in the best Dominican coffee.

Granos maduros
Cafe con Flores
Organic Ramirez 14 Up
Ramírez Estate 14 Up
Ramírez Especial  14 Up
Pea Berry  

General features of all our coffee:

•  Type: Arabica Coffee

•  Variety Botany: Caturra and Typical

•  Shade: Partial

•  Rainfall: 1.600 to 2.400 m

•  Fertile Soil: clay loam texture with pH 5.5 – 6.5

•  Brightness: 4-7 hrs / day

•  Temperature: 10 -24 ° C

•  Precipitation: 2,200 mm average.

•  Drying System: Sun / Rotary Dryers

•  Harvesting: 100% ripe beans, washed and pulped the same day.


Ramirez Organic Coffee:

We work with the conservation and improvement of soil fertility, proper use of energy and the stimulation of plant and animal biodiversity. Promote the integrated management of plantations, using techniques and materials compatible with the environment by banning the use of synthetic chemicals in all our organic production.

We are certified by BCS OKO Guaranty of Germany, under the JAS (Japanese Agricultural System) EU (European Union) and NOP (National Organic Product of the United States USDA).


•  Coffee 100% natural.
•  Harvesting Period: November to June
•  Planting Area: 326 hectares (5.216 Tasks)
•  Protect water sources
•  Free of harmful residues to humans.
•  Environment is preserved for future generations to inherit.
•  Protect wildlife, with no harmful residue application and the reforestation of the area of ​​production.

Ramirez Coffee Estate

Coffee produced in the highest areas of Jarabacoa, conditions that cause the same to be unique and special quality.

Coffee Strictly Hard, special preparation, excellent cup with typical marks, acidulated fruity.

•  Name: Ramirez Estate Coffee
•  Height: 900 -1500 meters above sea level
•  Planted Area: 350 hectares (5,600 Tasks)
•  Ecological Reserve: 400 hectares (6,400 Tasks)
•  Harvesting Period: Nov-Jun

Special Ramirez,

Similar to the Special Ramirez Café AA, differing only in grain size which is sceen 14 up.